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Purchase Procedure (FCO)

1. Sellers send FCO, buyer signs and send back to seller.
2. Buyer proceeds to our head office in Kampala to inspect and analyze the commodity.
3. Buyer and Seller make necessary arrangements for the exporting of the gold.
4. Seller will pay for all exportation cost to a safe country in this case Kampala Uganda.
5. Buyer will pay for all exportation taxes, Government Documentation, Transportation and Insurance in the seller’s country. The buyer will be issued with collateral to hold onto equivalent to the amount advanced. These costs incurred will be deducted from the final payment.
6. Buyer supervises the shipment of the goods to his/her designated destination.
7. Seller commences shipment to buyer final refinery. Prior to departure, copy of export documentation will be sent out to the buyer/ refinery via e-mail.
8. Seller and Buyer will accompany the 1000 kg test tranche throughout the delivery and during the assay in the buyer’s refinery.
9. After smelting and issuing a new assay report, the buyer will transfer the agreed price to the seller’s bank account by swift/wire, less the exportation costs incurred in Procedure #5.

MANGURUJIPA Company Profile

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best service, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

Our Company Profile:

MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE P.O. Box 23, Butembo, Lumero, DRC Congo Email: info@mangurujipagoldmining.com
Greetings with love. Welcome to MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE. We mine and produce high quality gold, Copper cathodes, Coltan and diamonds in the D.R. Congo. We began This business in 2010 and in 10 years, we have tremendously grown. We are very dedicated to client and stakeholder value by continuous exploration, steady production and curbing risks.
With approximately 2 million ounces of gold in reserves, we've seen an increased cash flow, projects ready for development after exploration in primarily low risk operating areas
The company's mine located in Butembo Congo is currently producing good and is on track to reach a steady state production level of 120,000-47,0000 gold ounces by the end of 2022?
Overseeing this project is a strong management team with financial development and exploration expertise and a vested interest in success

Our Core
What drives success in our mining business?
It begins with the exploration stage, the right people, great opportunities and a focused strategy.
We rely heavily on our experienced exploration team of people who created value through their technical expertise to keep our project pipeline full and helps us build the foundations of MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE

We focus on growing our Gold, Copper cathodes, Coltan and Diamond reserves and production in mining-friendly regions by acquiring early-stage opportunities and add value through our exploration and mine building expertise.
These programs could form part of the feasibility studies ate properties and could potentially and significantly add to our near-term growth production profile. The revised exploration budget is approximately $120 million, with approximately 58% expected to be spent on mine-site and advanced project exploration.
Reserves and resources
Proven reserves: Contained Gold (000. Oz) 1,394
Probable reserves: Contained gold (000. Oz). 17,286
Total proven & probable reserves

Measured resources
Gold grade (g/t). 1.60 Indicated resources. Gold grade (g/t). 1.81 Total measured and indicated resources. 1.79
Inferred resources: MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE is determined to make a significant and positive difference in the communities where we operate and in the lives of our employees and communities with respect
Our Commitment: We are committed to creating value for our share Holders by operating in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner while contributing to the prosperity of our employees, their families and the communities in which we operate. This translates into the four fundamental values of our sustainable development policy.
Respect to our employees:
We aim to maintain a safe and healthy workplace that is based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity.
Our Approach: As part of MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE, our overall commitment to continuous improvement, we have steadily increased our presence on national, international and industry-specific boards and organisations. These organisations help us improve and measure our performance by providing research and guidance on the latest industry standards and global best practices
Carbon disclosure Project (CDP): The CDP encourages organisations to annually measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information, particularly their GHG Emissions and climate change risk factors.
Informed consent: We subscribe to the principle of informed consent when working on private land, including land which usually takes the form of a formal agreement acknowledging that MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE will conduct work in a certain area under certain conditions.
Achievements: MANGURUJIPA MINING CO-OPERATIVE, also recognized by The Government of DR Congo and Uganda.


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